IQOS is an electronic heating system for tobacco, which is positioned by the manufacturer as a less harmful and more hygienic alternative for smokers.

Despite this, in some countries, IQOS is completely banned, and its use threatens with serious troubles.

IQOS is banned in Europe, the USA, and Africa. List of states where the ban is in effect: Australia; USA; Turkey; Thailand; Brunei.

IQOS is completely banned in Brunei, where you will have to pay an impressive fine for its use. In Argentina, advertising and sale of the device is prohibited, as in Brazil, Australia (nicotine is considered a poison there) and Greece. IQOS is banned in Turkey, but tourists can bring IQOS with them for personal use. However, before you start smoking somewhere, you need to ask others for permission. The ban was introduced due to the fact that the country’s leader is an ardent opponent of conventional cigarettes and smoking.

Despite the fact that Philip Morris International, which manufactures the IQOS, is located in the United States, the device is not sold in that country. The US itself does not allow the sale of IQOS on its territory. In the country, the production of tobacco products is tightly controlled. Companies will need special permission to manufacture and distribute products.

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IQOS has been strictly banned since 2014 in Thailand. It is impossible to find a device on sale, it is also not worth smoking if you suddenly managed to bring your IQOS to the country. You can get a fine, a prison sentence for smoking IQOS, or both, depending on the place where the violator was detained. Why is IQOS banned in Thailand? Thailand Tobacco Monopoly, which belongs to the country and supplies 80% of tobacco products to the domestic market, is considered a monopoly on the Thai market. The company is engaged in the production of classic cigarettes, electronic ones are not yet produced.

Therefore, this type of smoking device is prohibited from being imported into Thai territory, as this will result in losses to the state budget. Tourists are also not allowed to bring electronic devices into the country. For this, a fine is issued, and in some cases, imprisonment is possible. However, you can import and consume IQOS. Iqos is prohibited for sale. Illegal supplies are strictly regulated at the legislative level.


In general, IQOS has gained an ambiguous reputation in the global market. There are countries that successfully implement devices among their populations. Other countries, on the contrary, have a negative attitude towards innovative development and do their best to prevent its spread.

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