Georgia is an incredible tourist destination, especially for those who love nature. Many will agree that real Georgia is out of the capital city – Tbilisi. If you want to explore a very beautiful and breathtaking place, be ready to discover Kazbegi, where soaring mountains, fresh air, and alpine plants will amaze you.

Kazbegi, now Stepantsminda sometimes will not be in the list of “must visit” places, but those who chose this destination fall in love with it forever. If you want fully discover Kazbegi and surroundings, rent a 4×4 or SUV car via Enterprise Rent-A-Car and drive off. There are plenty of things on your way to discover.

Kazbegi destination is not a challenging one, so a day trip to Kazbegi could be enough. But, if you have free time, plan at least a 2-day trip to Kazbegi.

Way to Kazbegi

Traveling on the Georgian Military Highway is very attractive. The scenic route used as a link between Europe and Asia. Now it connects Tbilisi to the Russian city of Vladikavkaz.

On your way to Kazbegi, there are plenty of picturesque viewpoints that you shouldn’t miss. Stop near the Zhinvali reservoir, then at Ananuri castle. Wonderful places to take several, no, a hundred photos. If you want to taste the best khinkali in entire Georgia, make a stop in Pasanauri village. It is a small village that is famous not only for its delicious Khinkali but also near the village you will see how black and white Aragvi rivers reunite. You will meet all these incredible sites on your way to Kazbegi. That’s why we advise you to take at least a 2-day trip to Stepantsminda. On your way to Kazbegi stop near Soviet-Georgian Friendship Memorial. View from there is breathtaking. Sit on the top of the nearest hill, look around, refresh your thoughts. It is one of the idyllic places on your way.

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