The US dollar is paid at 00: 00 hours to 3. 475, 88 Colombian pesos , so that it represented an increase of 1.7% when compared to the data of the previous day, when it stood at 3. 417, 61 Colombian pesos.

In the last week, the US dollar accumulates a decrease of 0, 67% ; However, for a year it still has a rise of 5, 75% . Analyzing this data with that of previous days, with this data it interrupts the negative streak that it had in the two previous days. The volatility of the last seven days is 16, 21%, which is slightly lower than the annual volatility figure (17, 56%), so we can say that it is going through a period of greater stability in recent times .

In the last year, the US dollar has come to be paid in a maximum of 3. 499, 25 Colombian pesos, while its lowest level has been 3. 412,80 Colombian pesos. The US dollar is closer to its value than to the minimum.

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