Majority of missing person reports were young girls “engaging in sexual intercourse”

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — There was a 34 percent increase in sexual offenses in 2020 compared to 2019, involving rape, unlawful sexual intercourse and attempted rape.

According to statistics presented by Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle yesterday, the Sexual Offences Unit investigated 213 cases last year, compared to the 159 sexual offenses reported in the year before.

Of these cases, there were 50 incidents of rape, representing a 16 percent increase in the crime compared to the previous year; and five attempted rapes, representing a 38 percent decrease compared to the eight attempted rapes in 2019.

Police also reported an uptick in unlawful sexual intercourse, with 158 matters compared to 108 matters in 2019.

Those unlawful sexual intercourse matters also included incidents of incest.

Rolle said investigators identified a recent trend in sexual offense cases occurring at Airbnb rentals where parties were being hosted throughout the pandemic.

He said young women were being targeted via social media.

The commissioner of police said he has requested that the competent authority have those events included in emergency order restrictions.

“We tried to educate young folks about attending these parties at these Airbnbs and getting drunk and you find some of the scumbags take advantage of them,” he said.

Rolle also revealed that there were 100 reports of missing persons throughout the country in 2020.

Of those reports, 88 required no further action where individuals were found safe and 11 cases remain open under investigation.

“Notwithstanding, the majority of missing person reports were adolescent females engaging in sexual intercourse,” he added.

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