The coronavirus pandemic has caused more than 17. 400 dead worldwide during the last day, which represents a new maximum figure since the beginning of the pandemic, according to data collected by Johns Hopkins University and published at through its website.

The center has indicated that during the last 24 hours have been confirmed 17. 405 dead and 689. 683 infections worldwide, which places totals in 2. 96.902 and 96. 906. 712, respectively, while 53. 431. 108 have recovered to date from COVID – 19.

The United States continues to appear as the most affected country in total figures, with 24. 438. 720 cases and 412. 147 dead. Behind are India, with 10. 610. 883 infections and 152. 869 deceased, and Brazil, with 8 . 638. 249 and 212.831, respectively.

In the range between three and four million cases are Russia (3. 616. 680), United Kingdom (3. 515. 796) and France (3. 023. 661), while between the two and the three million are Italy (2. 414. 166), Spain (2. 412. 318), Turkey (2. 406. 212) and Germany (2. 98. 618).

In the group between the thousand lón and the two million infections are Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Poland, South Africa, Iran, Ukraine and Peru, while between half a million and one million are the Netherlands, Indonesia, Czech Republic, Canada, Romania, Belgium, Chile, Iraq, Portugal, Israel, Sweden, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Philippines and Switzerland.

For its part, Morocco has confirmed between 318. 000 and 500.000 cases, while Austria, Serbia, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Japan, Jordan and Panama have reported between 300. 000 and 400.000 infections since the beginning of the pandemic.

Among the 200. 10 and the 300. 000 cases are Nepal, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Georgia, Ecuador, Belarus, Slovakia, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Kazakhstan and Bulgaria.

Also, among the 98. 000 and the 200. are found in the Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Denmark, Tunisia, Costa Rica, Ireland, Lithuania, Malaysia, Armenia, Kuwait, Egypt, Moldova, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Slovenia, Guatemala , Greece, Qatar, Honduras, Burma, Oman, Ethiopia, Paraguay, Venezuela, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nigeria, Libya and Algeria.

For its part, China, the country where the pandemic originated , counts 98. 544 infected and 4. 801 fatalities, as has been collected by the Univer Johns Hopkins Society on its website.

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