(Bloomberg) – Maturities along the yield curve of the Mexican location had little change in Thursday morning operations.

  • The 1-year yield fell 1.9bps to 4. 149%
  • The yield to years was unchanged at 5. 549%
  • Yield to 14 years remained unchanged at 6. 656%
  • The spread performance between 2 years and 10 years was 132. 7bps, compared to the previous close of 131. 9bps
  • S & amp; P / BMV IPC shares fell 0.8%
  • Mexico’s 5-year CDS closed 0.7bps at 90 bps

The Bloomberg Barclays Mexico Government Bond Index rose 14 .4% over the past year. The S & amp; P / BMV IPC fell 1.1% in the same period.

The following table shows the yields currently offered and the changes for the main terms in the Mexican local market:

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