Amazon will not be forced to immediately restore Parler’s web service after a federal judge ruled Thursday against a request to reinstall that fast-growing social network, favored by supporters of former President Donald Trump.

Federal Judge Barbara Rothstein in Seattle said she was not dismissing Parler’s “underlying substantive claims” against Amazon, but noted that the social network failed to demonstrate the need for a court order to be issued to compel the reinstated online.

Amazon kicked Parler out of its web host on 11 January. In court documents, it indicated that the suspension was a “last resort” to prevent Parler from being a platform for violent plans to alter the presidential transition.

The Seattle tech giant noted that Parler had shown an “indisposition and inability ”to remove numerous dangerous messages inciting the rape, torture and murder of politicians, technology executives and many others.

The social network, a magnet for the extreme right, presented a sued to be reinstated online, arguing that Amazon had breached its contract and abused its dominant position in the market. He noted that Trump was about to join the platform, after a wave of his followers migrated to the application when Twitter and Facebook expelled Trump for the January 6 invasion of the federal Capitol.

Parler CEO John Matze said in a court document that the abrupt shutdown of the social network was motivated at least in part by “a desire to deny President Trump a platform on any large social media service. ”. Matze said the former president had contemplated joining the network since October under a pseudonym. The Trump administration declined last week to specify whether it planned to join that platform.

Amazon denied that its decision to block Parler had to do with political animosity. It noted that Parler had violated its commercial agreement “by hosting content that advocated violence and not removing such content in a timely manner.”

Parler was formed in May 2018, according to commercial records of Nevada, with what co-founder Rebekah Mercer, a prominent Trump supporter and conservative donor, later described as the goal of creating “a neutral platform for free expression” away from “the tyranny and arrogance of our tech lords.”

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