Pre-registration can be done until February. (Photo: Pixabay)

A few days ago, the Ministry of Public Education ( SEP ) revealed the first call for students who want to continue their studies at the baccalaureate level, to do so through the Prepaon Online; However, they will close next month, so we will remember what the registration deadline is and the steps to study in this modality.

It is about a virtual platform run by the Undersecretariat of Higher Secondary Education ( SEMS ), where anyone who has completed their high school studies can take the next level free of charge.

In addition, the 365 days of the year, and the 24 hours of the day. It is ideal for people who work, since they can adapt their schedules and exceed themselves.

The Online High School is made up of 23 modules, where each one must be completed in four weeks, that is, the applicant will be able to complete their studies in approximately two years and four months.

Anyone can study through this scheme. (Photo: Pixabay)

Which Are the requirements?

It is addressed to young people or adults who have completed high school and who have their certificate or who are about to obtain it.

Have any mobile electronic device with Internet access (computer, tablet or cell phone).

It is important to note that the program will be accepted around 21, 000 applicants.

How to join the Online Prepa?

The interested party must pre-register. Click Here .

Then you will have to search the corresponding form and fill it with the following information: names and surnames; email; the CURP.

Later you will receive a link to share the following: Birth certificate and CURP.

The documentation must be scanned in its entirety (the four edges of the document must be viewed), in PDF format, weighing less than 1 MB.

The email will confirm when the pre-registration has been successful.

When is the deadline to carry out the process?

According to the SEP, the procedure will be available until next Friday, February 5, present year.

Un colombiano pasa en promedio 9 horas y 10 minutos al día en internet. Foto: Pixabay.
High school in this modality will be concluded in two years. (Photo: Pixabay) (Pixabay /)

It should be noted that the student will receive an email from February 7 to 9, where they will have to reply a socioeconomic context questionnaire and confirm your participation in the preparatory module.

Shortly after, between the 10 and 14 will send an email with the username and password to enter the module that will take place from 17 February to 14 March.

The results of said preparatory module will be revealed on 22 to April 4, in order to know if he was selected and the documents that are required to conclude the process.

Those students who have the best results and comply with the registration process, They will be integrated into Prepa Online. The results can be consulted at the following link. Click here .

For their part, hundreds of applicants must to prepare and study in order to pass the 128 test, which will be applied with the intention to assign them in relation to their learning and according to the school option of their preference.

Applicants must also pre-register and take take some steps to take your face-to-face exam in a few months.


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