The president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador insisted that the Drug Control Administration (DEA) fabricated the file against General Salvador Cienfuegos, for which he suggested conducting an internal investigation to find out what happened in the case of, at the same time who defended the fact that the military is an advisor to the Secretariat of National Defense.

“Things have already changed It is like that of General Cienfuegos, the DEA was considered infallible, even a lot of information leaked by themselves to journalists in Mexico, that is why when the FGR decides not to exercise criminal action, even supporters of us who trust us doubted because for years the criterion was established that outsiders were the incarnation of justice, and insiders, the incarnation of corruption and impunity ”, he highlighted.

During his press conference at the National Palace, López Obrador assured that the Mexican government will not go to any international organization for the case of General Cienfuegos, but insisted that the DEA fabricated the case.

“I am not going to go to any international organization, but with all due respect I believe that this agency should do an investigation inside and clarify what happened , who made this file, who gave the order to apply it, credibility is at stake ”, he emphasized.

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The Mexican president emphasized that if the DEA has additional information to what it originally sent to the Mexican government, that it present it.

“If the DEA has additional information to present it, whoever it is. There are more defenders of the DEA than I imagined, we must defend the truth and not go for non-verifiable versions ”, he stated.

When questioned as to whether it is true that General Cienfuegos is an advisor to the current Secretary of Defense, the Mexican president admitted that he was, but explained that according to the Sedena’s legal regulations, the former secretaries go to be part of a defense advisory team on duty.

“That’s been around for a long time” , he said.

He explained that Cienfuegos Zepeda is part of an advisory council to the Secretary of Defense.

“If the Secretary of Defense considers it, he can consult them, they can even meet for a certain time, but that has to do with the institution “, he pointed.

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