After the opening of the session the euro is paid at 11: 00 hours to 4. 293, 53 Colombian pesos , which represented an increase of 3 , 21% if compared to 4. 160, 10 Colombian pesos of the previous day.

With respect to the last week, the euro shows an increase of 4% and for a year it still maintains an increase of 18, 32% . In relation to previous dates, it turns around the result of the previous day where it experienced a decrease of 0, 45%, proving unable to consolidate a clear trend recently. In the last week, volatility is higher than that accumulated in the last year, showing itself as an asset with greater changes than expected.

In the last year, the euro has been exchanged by a maximum of 4. 293, 53 Colombian pesos, while its lowest level has been 4. 126, 90 Colombian pesos. The euro is placed closer to its value than to the minimum.

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