NBA 2K21
The title takes a big step over its version for Xbox One and PS4

Over the past decade, the NBA 2K saga has dominated the basketball game scene, by point to eliminate your competition. This was due, in large part, to the excellent work carried out by the developer, who sought to shape the experience both from the graphic point of view and from the gameplay mechanics. This path will continue its journey in the new generation of consoles, where the franchise has already stomped with the next gen version of its latest installment, NBA 2K 21, which has the luxury of improving even more taking advantage of the available resources.

When the next gen version of NBA 2K 21 was announced, this did not cause much surprise, since it was an action expected by 2K, a developer that always aims to break your roofs and bet on more. However, at the time of the announcement, if was taken into account the great job they had done with the latest installment for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One , which made clear the hierarchy with which each title in the saga works. From this point, the unknown happened for how they could face this challenge of surpassing themselves in such a short time between launches.

When starting to walk in this next gen version for NBA 2K 21, the changes can be observed in subtle ways. In the first instance, everything related to the interface is maintained, looking practically the same game. It was to be expected that the developer did not stop to make variations on this, since it was not necessary because of how well worked it is. However, if you can start to live the experience when, for example, choose a team, at which time you can see a player with his corresponding equipment, denoting an important graphic improvement.

The version is not dual, so it must be purchased separately (Infobae)

Once inside the game, the magic begins to happen. In the previous to the start of the confrontation, 2K displays warming animations of the players, which shine wherever you look at them. Both hair textures, uniforms and others small details in them make the user immerse themselves in a totally new experience, which makes explicit the use and exploitation of the resources of Xbox Series X.

Linked to this is the great use of ray tracing. The application of this technology allows stadiums to look like never before and achieve a quota of realism high-grade . For example, when moving around the court, the player will see lighting at the level of an official broadcast of a match. It achieves the same effect in the players, who highlight its texture in an outstanding way, to the point of enjoying seeing their beads of sweat. It should be noted that regarding the arena, the user finds a unique atmosphere according to the franchise, which is made up of an audience that has more than 150 cartoon characters.

In addition to this, the title introduces the Rail Cam , which is the icing on the cake to an experience that makes the player feel like they’re on a television broadcast or sitting in the front row, as they usually do Spike Lee in the games of the New York Knicks . This graphics and camera combo is the great lynchpin of the game, which quickly makes this version worth buying.

NBA 2K21
Players enjoy better physical contact

Beyond the graphic, the gameplay also shows a great job done by 2K for this version. As promised in the previous one, this edition allows you to feel a different contact experience, implying the different touch of the players’ various bodies, impregnating a quota of realism. Although this feels subtly, the truth is that when stepping on the painted area or facing a larger player, the spaces and strength of each must be taken into account.

Related to this appears the improvement in the balance of the shots, something that had complaints from the players in the version for PS4 and Xbox One . Regarding the movements with the dominated ball, these feel a little better, more dynamic and with better sensitivity when dribbling to penetrate the area. The same case happens with the passes, which show naturalness. All of this makes it clear that Visual Concepts leveraged the Impact Engine it works with. However, this will surely be redoubled in NBA 2K 22, a delivery to which they will arrive more comfortably.

Regarding the modalities, this version emphasizes adding a little more life to each one. For example, the My Career mode has an expansion that allows the user to enter other corners of history, such as the possibility of playing in other leagues. Beyond this, the most interesting point goes through the My Neighborhood mode, which is one of the favorites of the players.

NBA 2K21 Next gen
Stadiums enjoy lighting provided by ray tracing

In this mode, the user will find the My City expansion that makes the experience even more extensive, since they can get different types of ranks and belong to the teams that divide the area . The experience in this one is for the more experienced, since most of the online players have high-level characters, something that at first can discourage those who do not have filming in the game. In addition to this, this mode continues to provide what is known in the version for PS4 and Xbox One, but taking advantage of the graphic section to improve, for example, the appearance of the gym or the stores to buy clothes.

In conclusion, 2K did its homework with this next gen version, making it worth its price. Although the ideal would be to take advantage of it on a 4K screen, the title allows you to enjoy both the textures and the lighting on a large scale, generating the expected amount of realism that users of the genre like. Its playability, meanwhile, is applauded for polishing errors that stained its playability. The only remarkable thing in terms of improvements to be made, is to eliminate the presence of micropayments, which generate pay-to-win, something that never adds to the experience.

Leaving this aside, the praise for the developer goes through how they carried the delivery of one version to another through a spectacular dunk. The large base built in the edition for PS4 and Xbox One denotes how 2K works, pushing the console to the limit of possibilities, making the transition, despite being a broad challenge, could be overcome with the resources provided by the next gen. This heralds an even more impressive upcoming production, something that fans of the franchise around the globe will embrace.

Develop: Visual Concepts

Distributes: 2K

Release date: 19 November 2020

Platforms: Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 5

Version analyzed: Xbox Series X

Score: 9

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