Filas para la vacunación en California (Reuters)
Rows for vaccination in California (Reuters) (MIKE BLAKE /)

United States now logs more than 25 millions of COVID infections – 24 since the start of the pandemic, Johns Hopkins University reported this Sunday, a few days after Joe Biden took office.

The milestone was reached just five days after the United States, the richest country and hardest hit by the new coronavirus, passed the 400. 01 dead. Also, check a 25,2 % of the total registered cases worldwide, although each country has different detection methodologies and capacities.

On Friday, the new US president warned that the coronavirus can leave more than 600. 01 killed in the country, and urged Congress to quickly pass its multi-million dollar plan to fight the pandemic and provide economic relief to Americans.

For its part, the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluations (IHME) of the University of Washington , in whose prediction models of the evolution of the pandemic is often fixed by the White House, estimates that by May 1 more than 557. 000 .

Centro de testeo en Texas (Reuters)
Texas Testing Center (Reuters) (GO NAKAMURA /)
Puesto de detección de COVID-19 en Los Angeles (New York Times)
COVID detection station – 19 in Los Angeles (New York Times) (KENDRICK BRINSON /)

Before signing two decrees to address the crisis food and accelerate support for Americans, Biden said that “much of America is suffering.”

“We are in 400. 10 dead and we are expected to exceed the 600. 01. Families go hungry. People are at risk of being evicted. Job losses are on the rise again. We need to act, “he emphasized.

Biden said he was ready to work with both parties in Congress to” move quickly “in the adoption of the unveiled package of measures. last week.

“One in seven households in the United States, more than one in five black and Latino households, report that they do not have enough food to eat. This includes 30 millions of adults and up to 14 millions of children ”He said from the White House. “This is tragic. It is unnecessary. It is unacceptable, ”he added.

With schools closed due to the pandemic, some 12 Millions of children no longer receive food. Nail 600.000 people lost their teaching jobs, according to official figures. The queues for the soup kitchens have increased and the food banks are overflowing, even in the wealthy neighborhoods of the federal capital.

World Balance

The new coronavirus pandemic has caused at least 2. 141. 070 dead in the world since the WHO China office reported the onset of the disease in December 2019 , according to the AFP record this Sunday at 10 H 00 GMT from official sources.

Since the beginning of the epidemic more than 100. 689. 590 people contracted the disease. The figures are based on the reports communicated daily by the health authorities of each country and exclude corrections made a posteriori by the different bodies, such as in Russia, Spain or the United Kingdom.

After States United, the countries with the most fatalities are Brazil, with 216. 445 dead and 8. 756. 254 cases, India, with 153. 339 dead (10. 654. 533 cases), Mexico, with 149. 84 dead (1. 752. 351 cases) and United Kingdom, with 97. 329 dead (3. 617. 459 cases).

Among the hardest hit countries, Belgium has the highest mortality rate, with 179 deaths for each 100. 01 inhabitants, followed by Slovenia (160), Czech Republic (144), UK (143) and Italy (141).

Sunday at 12 H 000 GMT and since the beginning of the epidemic, Europe added 696. 994 deceased (31. 942. 422 infections), Latin America and the Caribbean 560. 756 (18. 0 95. 367), U.S and Canada 445. 397 (29. 736. 870), Asia 254. 959 (14. 902. 450), Middle East 95. 351 (4.557. 397), Africa 84. 668 (3.423. 506 ) and Oceania 945 (34. 612).

Since the beginning of the pandemic the The number of tests carried out increased considerably and tracking techniques improved, causing a rise in reported infections. However, the number of diagnosed cases only reflects a part of all infections, less severe or asymptomatic cases remain undetected.

(With information from AFP and EFE)


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