De 2.505 nuevas pruebas PCR procesadas por el Laboratorio Nacional de Virología, 691 dieron positivo, con las cuales la cifra de contagios aumentó a 140.929, indicó el organismo sanitario en un comunicado. EFE/Gustavo Amador/Archivo
From 2. 505 new PCR tests processed by the National Virology Laboratory, 691 tested positive, with which the number of infections increased to 140. 929, the health agency said in a statement. EFE / Gustavo Amador / Archive (GUSTAVO AMADOR /)

Tegucigalpa, 24 Jan (EFE) .- The number of infections in Honduras by covid – 19 touches the 141.00 0, while the number of deaths from the SAR-CoV-2 coronavirus in almost eleven months of the pandemic, reported this Sunday the National Risk Management System (Sinager).
Of 2 . 505 new PCR tests processed by the National Virology Laboratory, 691 were positive, with which the The number of infections increased to 140. 929, the health agency said in a statement. The entity also recorded the death of six people, which left the statistic at 3 447 since the pandemic began to expand, last March.
The Sinager also indicated that at least 1. 108 people who have contracted the disease are hospitalized, of which 706 pr have a stable clinical picture, 351 are severe and 51 in intensive care units nationwide.
With regard to recovered patients, today 21, with those who already are 60. 469 those who have been saved from dying by covid – 19, a disease that affects the country Central America in emergency since March.
The Multisectoral Table for the Economic and Social Opening today asked the Government to strengthen the triage centers, enable the stabilization centers in the main cities of the country, with greater emphasis on the Sula Valley region.
The Government must also continue with the medical brigades, while the Ministry of Health needs to expand the number of beds in state hospitals, mainly in the Mario Catarino Rivas Hospital in San Pedro Sula, nor you from the country.
The Multisectoral Table recommended decreeing a curfew among the 20. 00 and 5. 00 local times (from 02. 00 at 11. 02 GTM) in the departments of Santa Bárbara, Cortés, Atlántida and Yoro, in the west, Caribbean and north of the country, for fifteen days to carry out an analysis of the increase in covid cases – 19.
He also requested that those four departments “restrict the circulation” of people to five digits, starting with the last number of their identity card, during the weekend.
“If cases continue to increase, it is recommended to take stricter circulation measures,” emphasized the Multisectoral Table.
He asked the Executive branch to send the Legislature a bill to “fine people and businesses that do not comply with restriction and biosafety measures, as well as carriers who do not follow biosafety protocols.”
The Secretary of Security must enable the safe-conducts that “were previously authorized so that the key activities of the country, both in the field of safety, health, emergency and production are not interrupted. The Multisectoral Table demanded the start-up “as soon as possible of the modular (mobile) hospitals in l The departments of Francisco Morazán, Choluteca, Copán Atlántida, El Paraíso and Olancho, so that they can contribute to providing quality and warm services to the Honduran population. “
It also recommended maintaining communication campaigns that “sensitize the entire population” about the importance of the use of the mask, physical distancing, hand washing and use of gel, follow biosafety protocols.
He asked the population “responsible behavior , prudent and committed to the difficult time the country is going through. “
The Board asked the Government to” expedite “the purchase of vaccines against covid – 19 and structure all the logistics necessary for its maintenance and application.

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