25/01/2021 Rediseño del buscador para móvilesPOLITICA INVESTIGACIÓN Y TECNOLOGÍAGOOGLE
25 / 01 / 2021 Redesign of the mobile search engine RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY POLICY GOOGLE (GOOGLE /)

MADRID, 25 (Portaltic / EP)

Google has presented the new design that it will introduce in the coming days in the mobile version of its Search Engine, which stands out for offering more visual space, the introduction of own fonts and the transfer of the feeling of roundness of the logo to other elements such as icons or images.

With the redesign, the company wanted to “take a step back to simplify a bit, so that people can find what they are looking for more quickly and easily,” explained Google designer Aileen Cheng, in a statement on the official blog.

The changes do not focus on the reorganization of web information, but on “information from around the world,” Cheng says. In other words, it is about making sense of a greater diversity of content and information apart from the organization of web pages.

The focus is on the information, making it easier to read with elements such as a larger font and the use of bold, or the introduction of own fonts. The use of shadows has been minimized and a cleaner background has been established, in order to offer more visual space, and colors are used to guide the eye to important information.

In addition, the sense of roundness conveyed by the Search Engine logo has been transferred to icons and images, in order to “refresh the appearance without ceasing to be familiar,” says the designer.

The changes to the design of the Google mobile search engine will be implemented in the coming days.

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