The British pharmaceutical laboratory AstraZeneca defended on Monday the efficacy of its vaccine in people older than 65 years, refuting the information of two German media that question the performance of the product in this age group.

“The information that the AstraZeneca / Oxford vaccine would only have an efficacy of 8% in adults older than 65 years is totally false,” said an AstraZeneca spokesperson in a statement sent to AFP.

The newspapers Bild and Handelsblatt (economic) assured Monday night that the German government doubts the effectiveness of the vaccine against covid – 19 of AstraZeneca, developed with the University of Oxford, in people older than 65 years.

According to the Handelsblatt, which cites government sources, Berlin speaks of an efficacy of 8% for this age group.

Bild Zeitung, who also cites government sources, writes that Angela Merkel’s coalition hopes that the As traZeneca / Oxford, which this Friday plans to receive the green light from the EU, will not be approved for those over 65 years, which would have an important impact on the vaccination strategy in many countries.

The British laboratory, whose vaccine has been authorized and has already been widely administered in the United Kingdom, explains in its statement that it published scientific data in The Lancet magazine in November, “showing that older people have shown strong immune responses to the vaccine, 100% of them have generated specific antibodies after the second dose. “

AstraZeneca was reprimanded by the European Commission on Monday after announcing last week that it would to deliver fewer doses than expected in the first quarter due to a “drop in performance” in a European manufacturing plant.

Brussels considers this delay in supply “unacceptable” and calls for “transparency” in the exports outside the EU d e doses that are produced in the same.

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