NEW DELHI (AP) – Tens of thousands of farmers drove a convoy of tractors into the Indian capital on Tuesday as the nation commemorated Republic Day amid protests that have escalated into rebellion and rocked the nation. government.

The roads of the capital were flooded by rows of tractors with Indian flags and agrarian unions. Peasants, wearing brightly colored turbans, chanted slogans against the prime minister, Narendra Modi, and what they called his “black laws.” Thousands more marched on foot while dancing and singing, and in one area they were greeted with a shower of flower petals by residents, some of whom recorded the unprecedented demonstration with their cell phones.

“We want to show you to Modi our strength, “said Satpal Singh, a farmer who arrived in the capital on a tractor with his family of five.” We will not give up. “

Policemen with riot gear used tear gas and cannon water to push back the protesters who tried to tear down barricades in two areas. The authorities also parked large trucks to cut multiple roads so that the protesters did not reach the center of the capital.

The agricultural leaders They indicated that more than 10. 000 tractors would participate in the march in New Delhi, and thousands of volunteers would try to help the authorities to maintain order.

The protests began with the approval of the new laws ag rich in parliament in September. The Modi government insists that they will benefit producers and boost production through private investment, but farmers fear that cartelization and commercialization of the sector will wipe out their profits.

On the other hand, a small crowd gathered around the capital’s ceremonial Rajpath Boulevard for a display of the country’s military power and cultural diversity. Attendees wore masks and respected the rules of social distancing while battalions of the police and the army marched down the road. Several states participated with floats to show their culture and the army exhibited their latest equipment during the event.

Republic Day commemorates the anniversary of the adoption of the Indian constitution on 26 of January of 1950.

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