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Pol Fernández returned to Argentine football to play for Boca, but he did not renew his contract. He will stay in Mexico.

Finally, Pol Fernández will not play Argentina again . On a Instagram Live with TNT Sports , the midfielder acknowledged and thanked River, San Lorenzo and Racing for their interest in wanting to hire him, but decided to stay in Mexico where he will return to play for Cruz Azul. In that communication on the social network, he explained the reasons why he will stay in the Cement Machine .

“What clubs like River, San Lorenzo and Racing, which are three big clubs in Argentine football and that they look at one fills me of joy , but as I said in a statement for a month and a half or two, I said that I was continuing my career in the country (for Mexico). They doubted my word a lot, it hurts, but people who know me know how I think and how I act ”, he highlighted.

“I want to publicly thank everyone, everyone who contacted me. I want to do it around here so that people can also see and I continue my career at Cruz Azul. I have spoken with Juan Reino who is the DT and with Álvaro Dávila , the president of Cruz Azul. They want to count on me and I am available. I can’t play for a while for some work visa papers. When that is resolved I will be available again and I will do it with great joy trying to help from wherever I am. If I have to wait, I’ll wait, but I want to do my best here ”.

The midfielder of 29 years referred to the situation in Boca and why he did not continue at the club. “There were some things that happened and they were not known because I don’t like to talk and no one was going to tell about it. I went to the club with conditions that they imposed and I followed them. But they took me with a purchase option thinking my environment that they were going to make use of my purchase option . I grew up and felt very good. Things happened that I didn’t know about. One day I received a call that I had to sign a paper to extend the loan . I didn’t know that it was going to be another loan, I thought it was going to be the final purchase of the pass. The football council wanted to explain to me, but I didn’t understand. Every time he spoke he told them the same thing, that they communicate with my dad “, he argued.

” Weeks went by, dad didn’t receive any calls from Boca. They spoke to me again and I repeated the same thing to them, that they communicate with him because I don’t understand roles and that. They did not, it had already been a month since I could not play and one day they called me from the football council telling me that if I wanted I did not show up to train anymore because I was not going to play anymore . I answered no because I had a contract and because I respected my colleagues. I told them that I was at the club’s disposal to play until the last day. I’m super grateful to my teammates, that’s why I was happy that they won the Diego Maradona Cup. I fulfilled my contract until the last day ”, said Pol, who will continue his career at Cruz Azul.

“We spoke with Riquelme not long ago and he stayed there, from manager to player and nothing else,” he concluded about his situation with the Xeneize institution.

“Beyond the fact that I am a boy who watches the networks, I watch the fair and necessary television. I don’t like to see them talk about me, I like to talk little. I decided to do it because many things were said that are not true , thousands of things were said about my environment or that supposedly I thought, so I had to speak ”, He sentenced.

And he once again highlighted the interest of the other Argentine clubs that wanted to hire him. “I want to thank River, San Lorenzo and Racing again because they are clubs that do things well and I wish them the best in what comes next.”

On why he decided on Cruz Azul, he assured that “I feel that here I can help. I can do my bit so that the team can meet its objectives. And I see that my teammates have the same desire to get ahead and we know that the Mexican league is difficult. They come from an important stumble, but we want to crown everything that could not be crowned. We have a very good squad. Little by little I think we will do things well and we have what to fight for the championship. I’m training with my teammates and waiting for the work visa to be resolved as soon as possible to be able to play ”.

Other important phrases:

“I don’t decide alone. For seven years we have made decisions together with my family and a group of people who accompany me. I had a great time in the Argentine clubs where I played, but hey, now I’m back here trying to do my best ”.

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