The New York Stock Exchange recovered this Thursday from its losses on Wednesday, in a day with less speculative pressure.

The Dow Jones index gained 0, 99% to 30.603,36 points. The Nasdaq technology rose 0, 50% to 13. 337, 16 units and the S&P; 500 0, 98% to 3. 787, 38 points.

“The market rebounded strongly after yesterday’s chaos” Wednesday, when Wall Street posted its steepest decline since October, said Quincy Krosby of Prudential.

Indices lost more than 2% on Wednesday.

“Restrictions on brokerage platforms used by” amateur investors, which were measured in recent days with mutual funds through purchases Massive stocks such as GameStop, whose prices soared, “helped calm the market,” added the analyst.

Many traders massively bought some shares of companies in distress that are subject to short sales , or advance sales by investors who then buy back the security at a lower price with a profit.

GME, a struggling video game store that lost 43, 18% in the day to 197, 44 dollars, rose 134% on Wednesday and takes +1. 000% in the month, in the middle of this battle .

Investors also digested growth figures in the United States this day for 2020, when there was the worst annual contraction of GDP since 1946, of 3.5% .

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