The Government of the Federal District (GDF) has made public a decree approving the urban project for land parceling in the area called Urbitá, at Fazenda Paranoazinho , located in the administrative region of Sobradinho II. The area is 1.6 thousand hectares and may house up to 80 One thousand people.

The decree was signed by Governor Ibaneis Rocha (MDB) and published in an edition of Diário Oficial do DF this Thursday (4/2).

The approval of the installment plan excludes the collection of the Onerous Use Change Grant (Onalt). However, the exclusion of the Onalt collection refers exclusively to the approval of the installment plan, with the exception of the possibility of its collection, in the form of the applicable legislation, in case there are other changes in the use or activity of the real estate units that make up the approved installment plan.

Urban documents are available at the electronic address: http: //

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