This Council urges the public to take precautions

This morning, the police received reports from friends of the building’s crime prevention team and several citizens, saying that the international area code received was +44 75597440 XX, it shows the incoming call from “United Kingdom”. When the call comes, it just rings and hangs up. It is suspected to be a phone fraud.

The police appealed to the public to take precautions and refrain from answering or dialing suspicious calls, and not to allow fraudsters to take advantage.

The Police Department urged not to answer or call back suspicious calls

Precautionary advice:

Be wary of any phone number that shows “00” or starts with “+”;

Under no circumstances should any remittance or transfer be requested by the party;

Do not trust the caller ID. In the past phone scams in Macao, criminals can set the caller ID arbitrarily through computer software, that is, the caller ID number can be faked at will;

When receiving a call from an unknown source, stay alert and never disclose personal information to anyone; fraudsters often obtain the victim’s personal information through illegal means before committing fraud or other crimes;

When you suspect telephone fraud or other crimes, you should immediately call the anti-fraud query hotline of the Judicial Police Department 8800 7777 Or report the hotline 993 for help or report.

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