The Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MoEHE) has announced that it is looking to recruit a number of competent teachers in Qatar’s public schools for the upcoming academic year of 2021-2022.

The positions in primary, preparatory and secondary schools are open for Qatari and non-Qatari teachers from within Qatar, the MoEHE has said in a statement on its website.

The required disciplines include Islamic studies (male), social science (male), Arabic language (male and female), ICT (male and female), mathematics (male), visual arts (male and female), general science (male), special education (male and female), physics (female) and physical education (male), the statement notes.

To meet the requirements, Qatari applicants must hold a Bachelor’s degree in the relevant discipline from Qatar University’s College of Education (CED) or otherwise, with a minimum overall grade of ‘Good.’

In addition, Qatari candidates must submit their applications through the National Employment Platform (Kawader).

As for non-Qatari candidates, they must hold a Bachelor’s degree in the relevant discipline from any formal education institution, with a minimum overall grade of ‘Very Good,’ or ‘Good’ for Qatar University’s CED graduates.

Besides, candidates must have relevant experience of at least five years in the respective areas of specialisation. The experience requirement is reduced to a minimum of three years for the graduates of CED, other Qatar University colleges and local universities.

The CED graduates must also have a Qatari ID number.

In addition, applicants must be 50 years of age or below, have proficient computer skills and pass the relevant tests and interviews successfully.

Applicants for the special education teaching positions must hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in special education or any relevant major. Alternatively, they must hold a Bachelor’s degree in kindergarten plus a diploma/Master’s degree in special education, or hold a Bachelor’s degree in Arabic, English, Mathematics, Science (Physics, Chemistry, etc) or Biology plus a diploma/Master’s degree in special education.

Interested candidates who meet the above-mentioned competency and experience requirements are encouraged to visit the Employment Portal to fill out the required information and upload the necessary attachments.

Upon submitting the application, candidates will need to attach copies of the following documents: valid passport, valid Qatari ID, duly attested university certificate (Bachelor’s) and duly attested experience certificates, if any.

Shortlisted candidates will be employed on a local contracting basis. The application process will be available for two weeks from the date of publishing the announcement.

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