reinicio de clases en caba covid escuela tecnica 35 y 27 montecastro
The text establishes the guidelines for returning to the classroom and the stages in which students will return (Photo: Maximiliano Luna)

A 12 days that the city’s students from Buenos Aires return to the classrooms, the Buenos Aires government presented the protocol in which the measures that should be established each day in which the teaching activities are developed were included.

In the text of 24 detailed that “these guidelines are in permanent review, and may be expanded or modified according to the changes that arise regarding the epidemiological situation and any other directive issued by the authorities ”.

The scope of the protocol will be for the entire education system (state and private ) from the city. It was signed by the head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, together with the teachers’ unions. As for the students, it was indicated that each room, grade, year or course will make up a “bubble group”.

reinicio de clases en caba covid escuela tecnica 35 y 27 montecastro
(Maximiliano Luna)

Regarding the attendance of students to educational establishments, it will be done in a “staggered and progressive” manner, as described in the document:

Stage 1 – 17 / 01 / 2021

– Beginning Level Students (45 days to 5 years of age, including the Special Education Mode).

– First Cycle Students of Primary Level.

– First Cycle Students of the Special Education Modality.

– Students of the Basic Cycle of Secondary Level and First Cycle of the Technical Professional Modality, of Secondary Level.

Stage 2 – 22 / 01 / 2021

– Second Cycle Students of Primary Level.

– Second Cycle Students of the Special Education Modality.

Stage 3 – 01 / 03 / 2021

– Students of the Oriented Cycle of Secondary Level and Second Cycle of the Professional Technical Modality of Secondary Level.

– The remaining students of the Special Education Modality.

Stage 4 – 08 / 02 / 2021

– Students of the Education Modality of Youth and Adults.

Stage 5 – 22 / 03 / 2021

– Higher Level Students.

Section b is expressed about teaching and non-teaching staff. There it is explained that “for the beginning of the school year 2021 will summon all the teaching and non-teaching staff. ”

reinicio de clases en caba covid escuela tecnica 35 y 27 montecastro
(Maximiliano Luna)

“For the In the case of teachers who participate or teach classes in more than one bubble group, the remaining security measures of this protocol should be extreme, such as, greater distance between the teacher and the students, avoiding circulation in the classroom / space, among others . Likewise, teachers will constantly promote compliance with the measures established by this protocol, so that they become habitual ”, indicates the text.

Risk groups and those with pre-existing diseases, pregnant or older than 60 years (or those who live with people belonging to these groups), “may be exempted from attending the educational establishment in person, having to present the corresponding medical certificate and / or accredit coexistence according to the case. For these groups of students, remote alternatives will be provided to guarantee pedagogical continuity. ”

Regarding the conditioning of the establishments, the protocol proposes: marking of spaces, cancellation of drinking fountains, provision of dispensers with alcohol gel and supplies for hand hygiene (soap and disposable paper) in the bathrooms and sinks.

It also includes the conditioning of a physical space for isolation , “preferably with a door, window and its own bathroom”. There will also be posters with information regarding the measures and protocols in force, “in accessible and visible places” .

“Verification of compliance with these guidelines will be carried out by the Undersecretary of Financial Economic Management and Resource Administration, within the framework of its powers and through the various areas for the establishments State Management educational establishments. As for the Private Management educational establishments, it will be the Executing Unit of the Private Management Safe Schools Scheme ”, points out the document.

The full protocol:

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