Opening of the continuous trading day for Corn , which is traded at 18. 170 dollars , which is a slight change from 0, 11 % compared to the previous day.

If we compare the data with previous dates, add four successive days in positive digits. The volatility figure shows a lower behavior than the volatility shown by the data of the last year, so that its price is showing less changes than usual lately.

If we consider the data of the last year week, the Corn registers a rise of 1, 23% , therefore in the last year there is still a rise of 89, 67% .

After the opening of the session, it is listed at the highest of the last month.

International Corn Values ​​

Evaluating the values ​​of this asset internationally, the current price of Corn in Chicago is 360,50 Dollars per ton, according to the latest data as of 21 February.

Regarding the future values ​​of this cereal, during the current month its price reaches 213. 68 dollars in Chicago and in 202. 84 dollars in the month coming. In the same way, corn futures in Argentina are at 202 pesos this month .

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