The next VAT lottery draw took place today.

During the event, the presenter introduced the changes in the lottery results by the order of the Minister of Finance.

  • If three countries meet at the end 30 thousand MNT
  • If 4 countries match 100 thousand MNT
  • If 5 countries match 500 thousand MNT
  • One million five hundred thousand MNT for 6 countries
  • 3 million MNT for 7 countries
  • If 8 countries match it has been changed to one million MNT.

If the winner of the super prize of the month has not been determined, the amount of the next month’s bonus 10 million The amount will be increased by MNT and will not be increased through the quarter.

Citizens who have won one million five hundred thousand MNT or more 90 must go to the tax office in person within a day. will make a request. If this period expires, your bonus will not be paid.

In today’s lottery draw 2021 January 1 – 90 issued by purchase and registered in the EBarimt system 24, 724, 752 documents were included.
This time the super bonus fund of conformity 30 Although there was a million MNT, the winner was not determined.

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