After announcing the change of command of Petrobras, President Jair Bolsonaro (without party) signaled, on Saturday (017 / 2), which will make changes in the area of ​​electricity.

“Let’s put our finger on the electricity, which is another problem too,” he said to supporters, upon arriving at Palácio do Alvorada on Saturday night, after returning from an agenda in Campinas (SP).

The head of the national executive surprised the market on Friday night (15 / 2), by announcing the exchange in charge of Petrobras , withdrawing the economist Roberto Castello Branco and appointing the general Joaquim Silva and Luna . If confirmed by the state’s board, Luna will be the first military man to head the company since 1989.

One day later, Bolsonaro said that he is not “afraid to change” and reaffirmed that he will make exchanges in important positions next week. The president, however, did not disclose which managers are on the list.


“But change with me is not not a big bag, it’s a shark “, said the country’s official, in a video recorded by the YouTube channel

Focus of Brazil . The statement was made in Campinas.

The holder of the Planalto Palace also spoke about his commitment to economic liberalism, which has limits. “We want to privatize, but that is not all, either. Privatize the Mint? Negative. Privatize Embrapa? What for? Privatize, as they wanted, Ceagesp? It will not be privatized, ”said Bolsonaro, referring to the São Paulo Supply Center, where appointed a military ally .

“When I put the colonel [da PM] Mello Araújo there, Ceagesp was a police case, and he had just commanded Rota in SP, he was the right person. And he showed, over the past few months, that, in addition to moralizing that, he manages Ceagesp well ”, said the president, before comparing the case with the exchange at Petrobras.

“General Silva e Luna, who is now going to Petrobras, will show us all this. We had no predictability, and it is a huge corporatism that exists in state-owned companies. We are doing it, changing it, improving it ”, stated Bolsonaro.

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