Arsène Wenger wants to make a revolution in the world football calendar, with several significant changes. The former Arsenal coach currently holds the position of head of global football development at FIFA and, among other things, has been studying changes that could positively impact the sport. Among them, it wants to unify the world calendar in the solar year, the World Cup and Euro Cup every two years and concentrate the qualifying period in a shorter period, reducing the FIFA dates.

Since taking office at FIFA in November 2019, Wenger has been studying to make important changes in football. Like the proposal to change the offside rule, reversing the logic: if a part of your body is in a legal position, then the player’s position is legal. Today, it is the reverse: if the player has a body part in front (except for the arms), he is prevented. We talked about these Wenger proposals in October 2020 . Wenger’s idea is being evaluated.

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