School is supposed to be the environment in which we go, not only to acquire knowledge, but also to learn and practice good living. In view of what has been happening in our schools for several years, it is to be feared that this environment will become the laboratory for all the depravity condemned in our society.

»The sacred school of Charle-magne! “. Charles I the Great, known as Charlemagne, King of the Franks, Emperor of the West, attracted scholars from all over Europe to his court and established schools in cathedrals and monasteries. He wanted to have educated and well-educated citizens who could behave in society, and contribute to the development of their society. It is this school that has invaded the world to this day and in all the forms it can take.

But, today in Cameroon, we have all the impression that school has taken the opposite direction. She is said to be training real thugs who, without benchmarks, will endanger Cameroonian society ^ in just ten years. How can it be otherwise, when today in our high schools and colleges, barely puberty children engage in unimaginable practices in this environment. Monday, 01 March 2021, a group of students from a high school who engaged in part of orgy was arrested in Yaoundé.

The same scenario happened with ten students from a high school in Kumba in the southwest. At the bilingual high school in Kribi, we surprised some in the middle of filming an X movie. The cases are multiplying across the country. The enclosures of high schools and colleges have become hotspots for drug trafficking of all kinds. The consumption of strong alcohol is the most commonplace thing in the perimeters of schools. Lawless dealers turn these embezzlements into sources of income at the expense of the health and future of the country. Unheard-of violence is developing in our schools.

All guilty …

In March 2019, at the bilingual high school of Deido in Douala, a student stabbed his classmate to death. In Garoua, a Sous-Préfet forced a teacher to kneel down and ask forgiveness from a student who had violated the internal rules of his school. In Bafoussam, a soldier beat a teacher until he passed out for punishing her child. Also in Bafoussam, two students from the bilingual high school mistreated a general supervisor who accused them of activities that were unethical at school.

In Douala, a gendarme beat a teacher who had reprimanded his girlfriend, when she was late for school. The most pathetic case and which will have created the most controversy, is that of the young mathematics teacher, aged 26 years, murdered on 15 January 2020, in class by his student who had stabbed him. Faced with all these excesses, public opinion has seen fit to ask the question: “Whose fault is it? “. To all of us … answer certain right-thinking spirits.

The education authorities have abandoned their responsibilities. Those of screwing repressive measures in schools when students are recalcitrant. Today, parents are working in several cases. It’s hard to follow the kids. At home, they indulge in everything and watch everything on television. Social networks have brought their share of deviance. And when some parents are summoned to their children’s establishments, they attack the supervisors in front of their offspring.

What will a child do who is sent back from institution to institution, but who sees his parents buying report cards for him to be enrolled in another new school? What about the teachers themselves, who allow themselves to be corrupted by “well-off students”. We even surprise some, in drinking sessions, with their students in local bars.

The solution is global, if not, we are heading straight into the wall.

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