The European Chamber of Commerce in Ivory Coast (Eurocham) organized, yesterday Wednesday 17 March, for the students of the Ufr of Economics and Management of the University Félix Houphouët- Boigny (UFB), a coaching session. And this, as part of the “Investing, Together!” “, Funded by the European Union (EU) and which aims to bring young people closer to the job market and businesses to academia. “How to make a successful transition from academic training to working life” was the theme of the training given by Traoré Djakaridja, head of the Human Resources department, member of the UGECI social commission. During this training, the trainer instructed the students on “how to make a successful transition from university to professional life”. According to Traoré Djakaridja, “The objective was to get them to know that business is different from university, university equals freedom, business equals constraints, university equals’ irresponsibility and business’ responsibility. ‘ To realize that he is at the University to do something, with objectives to achieve and he must not lose sight of these objectives because, in business, these are the objectives that we aim for. So already, it is to forge discipline, respect for the hierarchy “. On behalf of Ugeci, which led this capacity building session, Christian Kouadio, Senior Economist at the General Union of Large Industrial Enterprises, explained “These business days are part of the” Investing Together “project. “as part of axis 3” improving the employability of students in Côte d’Ivoire “. We approach students with businesses and students with businesses. The general objective is to provide students with elements so that they can make a difference in the very competitive and competitive job market and academic training “. And to add: “Help them have the tools to be able to improve this employability and also improve their value. Usually, we complain that the students are not up to standard, but we don’t ask ourselves what are we doing for them. So this is the answer to this question that we are trying to bring up. The point for us is to have students who are trained and competent for the job market. ” About a hundred students took part in this training. Dr Komenan Narcisse, Vice-Dean in charge of pedagogy of the Ufr of economics and management of the UFB, explained that this training: “Aims to strengthen our training that we give to our students, to strengthen academic training with the practices. And with the Union of Large Industrial Enterprises, we exchanged views and found it opportune to seize this opportunity to train and support our students. Practice is important for strengthening theory, but theory is always important for improving practice. “” Investing together “funded to the tune of nearly one billion FCFA includes three components, in particular, improving the business climate, seeking support and financing for small and medium-sized enterprises and bringing together young people in employment. JEAN PRISCA

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