Una mujer compra fruta en un mercado de Izatapalapa, mientras los vendedores instalan plástico como medidas de protección (Foto: Reuters)
A woman buys fruit in a market in Izatapalapa, while sellers install plastic as protection measures (Photo: Reuters) (Edgard Garrido /)

The influence of e-commerce reaches the markets and tianguis from Mexico City. In order to reduce the use of cash in these economic units, the Ministry of Economic Development ( Sedeco ) local and the platform Mercado Pago will join forces to digitize their collections.

The digitization program will be carried out over four years and will allow customers of 335 public markets and 51 markets on wheels, flea markets, of the country’s capital pay with cards and QR code over the phone.

“In the coming years, Mercado Pago and Sedeco plan to serve more than 380 public markets and flea markets so that they can receive payments with cards and codes QR ”

Thus, approximately 20 thousand tenants will benefit from Point Blue reader packages and codes, which will have preferential prices and will receive sales without commissions during the first months , they mentioned in a statement.

Decenas de capitalinos acuden al Centro Histórico y Tepito para adquirir los regalos de Reyes Magos para los niños. Pesé a operativos y calles principales cerradas los visitantes no  siguen las medidas de sna distancia o quedarse en casa.
Merchants from the tianguis de las Torres, Tláhuac mayor’s office, began selling toys for the Christmas season (Photo: Cuaroscuro) (Graciela López /)

The first markets that will seek to digitize during October are the de Jamaica, San Juan Pugibet, Curiosidades and Arcos de Belén , for this, Mercado Pago representatives will visit them weekly to offer training and collection solutions

Alehira Orozco , Director of Market Government Relations Libre México, mentioned that “offering payments other than cash will not only allow them to increase their sales, but it will also give them greater security and access to financial solutions that traditional banking has never offered them.”

According to a joint study by fintech and Euromonitor International, sellers that incorporate digital payment methods increase sales by more than 39% , while reducing cash payments by 16 percent.

Internet in the Cuauhtémoc markets

Los pasillos del mercado de la Lagunilla en el área de vestidos de fiesta se encuentran vacíos de compradores (Foto: Cuartoscuro)
The corridors of the La Lagunilla market in the Prom dresses area are empty of buyers (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

Sandra Cuevas , mayor of Cuauhtémoc, announced a month ago the placement of free internet in the 39 public markets of the demarcation as part of the reactivation of the economy , plus they will be self-financing and there will be profit at the end of the year for traders.

In the second working meeting with the tenants, he explained that there will be a recovery of income from toilets and parking , labeled budget of the mayor’s office, budget of the government of Mexico City and participation of the private initiative.

The mayor explained the three phases of the remodeling of public markets: the first comprises of October 2021 to January 2022 , where work will be done on the regularization of cédulas, recovery of inactive premises and change of business; medical offices and pharmaceutical boutiques, facades, ceilings, electrical system, plumbing and drainage systems.

It also includes the installation of natural gas, cleaning of garbage dumps, free internet, restroom remodeling, civil protection training, financial and marketing education, in addition to an area of ​​social communication, intramural security and closed circuit.

For phase two, from January to April of 2022, seeks the remodeling of positions , change of floor, reactivation of CENDIS, remodeling of kitchens, rescue of common areas and provision of uniforms.

While for phase three, from April to July 2022, there will be a change of name to the nearby public transport stations, a tourist tour of markets, economic reactivation, the publication of the book “Image and life of the markets in Cuauhtémoc”, as well as a souvenir shop.


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